Jul 08, 2019

A Delivery Woman Who Offers a Prayer

When Amanda Riggan met a woman in need during her delivery run, she took a moment to offer a prayer. Now she’s using the attention to support the first responders in her town. Learn more about her organization “Hungry Heroes” at // homepage specific js require(['jquery', 'app/video'], ($, Video) => { var data = { id: 'P3xgQh4t', posterframe: 'https://stevetv.imgix.net/img/episode_clips/57c3f61d2f2d44089d70abf36dbe1851_primary.jpg?auto=compress', slug: 'a-delivery-woman-who-offers-a-prayer' }; // set autoplay if on clips detail let autoplay = false; if ( $('body').hasClass('clip') || $('body').hasClass('episode') ) { autoplay = true; } var customParams = { autoplay: autoplay } Video.init(data, customParams); $(document).ready(function() {}); });

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