• 01:18

    Is It OK to Lie about Your Age?

  • 01:17

    Play Along on Today's Harvey's Hundreds

  • 00:52

    How Romantic Is Howie Mandel?

  • 01:25

    Howie Mandel Goes off Script! Leaves Steve Harvey Speechless

  • 01:33

    Can You Answer More Questions Than They Did?

  • 01:24

    Pardon Jordana Brewster’s Portuguese

  • 06:51

    The Things People Do for Free Stuff Is Hilarious - Get Deals at Morningsave.com

  • 01:31

    This is What Happens when You Show Off

  • 01:03

    Backstage with Howie Mandel & Jordana Brewster

Sept 20, 2017

Is It OK to Lie about Your Age?

Hear What Steve Harvey Has to Say. The answer may surprise you.

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