• 07:14

    Watch This Mind Blowing Magic Trick

  • 00:00

    Web Exclusive: Bobby Motta Has One Last Trick for Steve Harvey

  • 03:03

    Steve Harvey Finds the Hole in Jackie Chan’s Head

  • 03:50

    Hey Steve: She Won’t Cook for Her Man

  • 02:09

    Jackie Chan: I Never Thought I Would Get an Oscar

  • 04:29

    News Headline: Inmates Break out of Jail, Rob Dollar Store, Break Back into Jail

  • 02:40

    Steve Harvey Teaches Cheryl Hines Slang

  • 04:10

    Watch Medium Reggie Lewis Turns Skeptics into Believers

  • 01:47

    Cheryl Hines: Colombia Is Different Than ‘Narcos’

  • 02:01

    Harvey’s Hundreds: Learn From Her Strategy!

  • 02:01

    Last Laugh: Daughter Hits the Family Jewels

  • 02:54

    Jackie Chan's First Meeting With Chris Tucker

Oct 13, 2017

Watch This Mind Blowing Magic Trick

Not only can this magician unlock Steve Harvey’s phone, he leaves wondering what’s reality with his mind-boggling, show-stopping trick.

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