• 01:16

    Jerry Springer On Why Celebrities Run For President

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    Kym Whitley Opens Up About Her Relationship

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    Jerry Springer Explains How He Wound Up Trapped Under A 550 Pound Bear

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    Kym Whitley Wrote A Novel All Millennials Can Identify With

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    Miss USA 2017 Kára McCullough Shows Steve Harvey How To Make Bubbles Explode

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    Fan Gets Choked Up After Seeing Mom's Makeover

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    Hey Steve: My 11-Year-Old Son Says He's Seeing Four Different Girls

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    These Kind Of People Are Amazing

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    An Audience Member Literally Jumps On Steve Harvey And Loses Her Shoes

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    Last Laugh: Steve Harvey Breaks Down That 'Harveys Hundreds' Hug

Jun 20, 2018

Jerry Springer On Why Celebrities Run For President

The former politician and host of "The Jerry Springer Show" says celebrities running for president is a long-standing tradition... but you won't see him campaigning anytime soon!

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