• 00:45

    LL Cool J Hits Another Milestone

  • 01:56

    LL Cool J: Doin’ Time or That’s Not a Crime

  • 01:05

    Jeremy Sisto Loves Animals.. Most of Them

  • 01:33

    Jeremy Sisto’s College Acceptance Included an NDA

  • 02:00

    LL Cool J Integrates Love into Hip Hop

  • 02:43

    Harvey Hundreds: Let’s Get to the Money

  • 02:43

    Last Laugh: The Best Ride Reaction Video Steve Harvey Has Ever Seen

  • 01:59

    Kid Inventor Brings Talent and Wit

  • 02:02

    Bad Cooks, Please Stay Away on Holidays

  • 02:44

    Hey Steve: Dance Academy Staff Member Can’t Dance

  • It’s Getting Hot in Here!

Oct 20, 2017

LL Cool J Hits Another Milestone

LL Cool J is turning 50 years old soon! The hip hop pioneer feels great and looks forward to celebrating another milestone birthday!

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