• 02:18

    Would You Get Plastic Surgery After A Breakup?

  • 03:40

    Steve Harvey On Living With A Partner Before Marriage

  • 02:13

    Woman Wants To Marry Her Boyfriend Of Two Years, But He's Already Married

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    This Trick-Shot Golfer Will Blow Your Mind

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    Psychic Medium Reginald Lewis Gives Peta Murgatroyd A Message From Her Late Grandmother

  • 06:50

    Steve Harvey Gives Two Fans A Ride In His Car To A Fancy Restaurant

  • 01:59

    Hey Steve: Boys Won't Date Me After Seeing My Dad

  • 02:14

    "I'm Taking Y'all Out Tonight!"

  • 01:56

    Last Laugh: This Slam Dunk Went A Little Too Far

Jun 14, 2018

Would You Get Plastic Surgery After A Breakup?

After a break up, sometimes it helps boost your confidence to dye your hair or get in shape. But would you go as far as plastic surgery? Christine Lakin, Diann Valentine and Ledisi get into it.

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